Venison Sausage Processing

Bostrom Farms 

2019-2020 Venison Information





Ground Venison


Ground with Pork


Ground with Beef


Ground with Bacon


Ground with Bacon and Cheese


Breakfast Sausage



Sweet Italian Sausage



Hot Italian Sausage



Chorizo Sausage






Cheddar Bratwurst



10lbs. of BONELESS Venison Minimum.(2lb. minimum for each product)

Venison Requirements:
Fresh and Frozen (Do Not Thaw)

Boneless, Trimmed In Plastic Bags

We Will NOT Accept: Ground Venison, Freezer Burnt Venison, or Bone-In Venison


Prices are based on finished weight. The returned product will yield 20-30% more than dropped off. All products will be in approximately 1lb. vacuum sealed packages and frozen.

All venison will be reviewed to ensure quality. We reserve the right to add a “Cleaning Fee” to any orders if venison needs to be trimmed. We reserve the right to refuse venison if it is spoiled or unusable.


Making Sausage at Home? Check Out Our Seasonings, Casings and Trim Options!




Breakfast (Makes 50lbs.)

$15.00 each

Mild Italian (Makes 25lbs.)

$7.50 each

Hot Italian (Makes 25lbs.)

$7.50 each

Regular Bratwurst (Makes 25lbs.)

$7.50 each

Cajun Andouille (Makes 25lbs.)

$7.50 each

Chorizo (Makes 25lbs.)

$7.50 each

Specialty Bratwurst (Makes 25lbs.)

$7.50 each

Natural Hog Casings

$29.99 per Hank
Each hank will stuff approximately 100lbs. of Sausage. 32-35mm in diameter.
Unfortunately we can not break up hanks.
More information available upon request.

Pork and Beef Trim

Pork Trim $1.99/lb.

Beef Trim $3.99/lb.
Please call ahead to make sure we have the trim you need!