Freezer Bundles

Bostrom Farms Freezer Bundles!

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Healthy Choices ($88.99)

5lb. Ground Round

3lb. Eye Round Steak

5lb. Boneless Chicken Breast

4lb. Lean Pork Cutlets


Dinner Time ($199.00)

5lb. Ground Beef

5lb. Ground Beef Patties

3lb. Boneless Chicken Breast

4lb. Beef Chuck Roast

3lb. Pork Roast

3lb. Beef Cube Steak

4lb. NY Strip Steak


Kickin In The Kitchen ($84.99)

3lb. Boneless Chicken Breast

3lb. Ground Beef

3lb. Assorted Pork Chops

2lb. Sausage (Bfast, Sweet, or Hot)

3lb. London Broil

1lb. Bacon

2lb. Beef Cube Steak

2lb. Beef Stew Meat


The Quickie ($104.99)

3lb. Sausage (Bfast, Sweet, or Hot)

2lb. Bacon

4lb. Ground Beef Patties

2lb. BF Original Hot Dogs

2lb. Smoked Sausage (Andouille, Kielbasa, or Chorizo)

4lb. Boneless Chicken Breast

5lb. Ground Beef


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